Co-creators of the Stone Moth, Silvi Rautter and Shannon Antoniak, have taken their love of vintage goods and Canadian made products and created a lifestyle concept shop.

Shannon & Silvi, owners of the Stone Moth in Smithers BC
Shannon & Silvi

The shop is located downtown at the corner of beautiful Main Street and Third Avenue in the beautiful mountain town of Smithers BC.

The Stone Moth offers an assortment of Canadian designed and handcrafted/made clothing, jewelry, beauty and skin care lines, zero waste household items, home decor products plus vintage furniture and finds.

Silvi Rautter, is the owner artist of MadRam Knits, a successful home based business making beautiful natural fibre garments.

Shannon Antoniak is from Smithers and has lived in Vancouver and a few places abroad before returning to the north to raise her boys.

When not at the Stone Moth, you will more than likely find these ladies in the garden, renovating, or mucking about fixing something!