Healthy & Delicious Teas by Amoda Tea

We love our Amoda Tea!

Amoda Tea is based in Vancouver and uses ancient principles and ethically-sourced ingredients to create delicious organic teas.

The line of Amoda Wellness Teas are blended to help boost overall health  and each tea is based on  Chinese Medicine.

Amoda sources the highest quality herbs, teas, and spices and works closely with Chinese Medicine practitioners to formulate tea blends to optimize your body’s natural functions.

The Wellness Teas include Digest, Cleanse, Sleep, Remedy, and a Golden Tumeric Ginger to aid your immune system.

You will never find any artificial flavours, sweeteners or fillers in the line of teas, just organic ingredients!

The teas are truly plant-sourced wellness for body, mind and mood!

To learn more about our teas, see our Market page.

Remedy Tea by Amoda Tea
Remedy Tea
Selection of Healthy Amoda Teas
Selection of Healthy Amoda Teas
Amoda Tea Ginger Tumeric Tea
Amoda Tea Ginger Tumeric Tea