The Stone Moth is offering Canadian beauty brands including organic and vegan beauty products. Most of the beauty skin care brands are curated products derived from all-natural homegrown or collected ingredients and bottled in small batches.

Beauty for Women

  • Sea Luxe from Crescent Beach BC creates natural beauty products such as facial masks, body soaps, bath salts, beach glass soaps, body scrubs, and body butters.
  • Boreal Folk Apothecary is handcrafted natural skincare goods made from wild botanicals while foraging in their wilderness lab.
  • Smithers’ Nature’s Essence creates soaking salts and scrubs, body mists, facial oils, and lip balms.
  • Incredibly appealing scented soaps by Rosco Emmit as well as bubble bath salts.
  • BKIND of Montreal is a vegan company making non toxic beauty products like nail polish, shampoo and conditioner bars, hand balms, facial masks and sponges, moisturizers and scrubs, as well as bamboo hair brushes and pumice stone foot brushes.
  • Moonlit Mountain Soaps is a local Bulkley Valley skin care company that makes natural deodorants, body soaps, lip balms, body bar lotions, and scents.
  • Buck Naked offers bars of soap, bath bombs, salts and soaks, bath bombs and melts, lip balms, and lotion bars.
  • Hemptation of Kelowna offers hemp infused skin care products such as body butters and moisturizers, lip balms, shampoo bars, oils, and charcoal facial cleansing bars.
  • Well Kept focuses on shaving with safety razors, salts, oils and agave exfoliating clothes.
  • Laughing Lichen from the Yukon makes soaps, oils, salves, salts, and lip balms.

Beauty for Men

  • Peregrine Supply is a grooming line of beard balms and oils, soaps, pre and aftershave, toners, colognes, and moustache waxes made in BC.
  • Buck Naked offers pre shave oil, beard growth oil, beard balm and oils, restorative toner plus a shaving glacial clay.
  • Laughing Lichen has a soap and salt, beard oil and aftershave to chose from.
  • Watershed Wax stitches up canvas DOPP Kits.
  • Leather razor bags by Market Canvas Leather of Tofino.
  • Erin Templeton of Vancouver creates shaving bags made up from recycled leather.
  • Fish Skin Designs cork razor kits.

Beauty Products

  • Bam Brushes has bamboo tooth brushes, charcoal tooth polish and copper tongue scrapers.
  • Bkind of Montreal offers bamboo hair brushes, toothbrushes and toothbrush travel cases.
  • Iris Hartverk is a line of hand tooled hair and body brushes and we carry the nail brush, and a variety of body scrub brushes for wet or dry brushing.